@ Why Am I So Tired? by Dr. Ginni Mansberg and Dr. Anne Thomson

How to put fuel back into the tank?

Feeling tired all the time? Dragging yourself around? Feeling like you want to go to bed before the day has started. You slept well but are still so tired? Need more energy? Then you need to put more fuel in your tank. Drs Ginni Mansberg and Anne Thomson have developed a scientifically based, easy to follow approach to regain control of your life and get your energy back.

About the Author

Ginni Mansberg was born in 1968 in Sydney. She leapt straight from school to the University of Newcastle where she completed her medical degree, before returning to the relatively cleaner big smoke of Sydney. She finished her junior medical resident training a week before having her first child and pursued her career in General Practice while having her next two children. Being a masochist, she found that being a GP, wife and mother wasn’t hectic enough, so she took herself back to University – this time at the University of Technology Sydney, where she completed her Graduate Diploma of Journalism. Since then she has worked as a medical journalist, a general practitioner as well as general housemaid, homework supervisor and taxi driver for a variety of sporting and dancing events. She has retained her clinical interest in Women’s Health and Nutrition. Tired? Well, used to be. This is Ginni’s first book. She is a widely published medical journalist with regular feature articles and columns in Medical Observer, Practical Parenting and the Journal of Complementary Medicine. Anne Thomson was born in Sydney in 1967. Always on the lookout for the perfect beach she chose Newcastle University for her medical degree, which she completed in 1991.After a few years internship and residency she decided to specialise in General Practice and completed her post-graduate training and Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of GPs in1997.Since then she has worked in various general practices, finally starting her own group practice on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, where she pursued her special interest in Women’s Health and Paediatrics. She is currently taking some time off to have a family. This is her first book.

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