15 thoughts on “C. Find your work outs for the gym or home

  1. Hi Galy yes i really enjoyed the class, and the different music,last week.
    You are giving out great excercises, i love a challenge, and we certainly all will be healthy and toned if we do our home work.
    Thanks for caring, your the best.


    • Yes this has been a challenge for me…but i will do it and we will have the most awesome blog with much variety and information..
      Thank you that you have been patient and using it!
      Good on u!


  2. Hi Galy – I’m typing this a second time because when I posted this a few minutes back my internet was down, so I’m guessing it didn’t go anywhere.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the exercises, and that I was able to directly save them from this site to my “Galy Folder” in documents.
    Also, remember I was asking you the other day how your ipod connects to the gym’s music systems. Today, I’ve found out (from the internet) that all I need to do to connect my ipod to our stereo system is to buy a lead that has a stereo mini-plug at one end and RCA connectors at the other. Simple ! I’ll let you know, after I buy this lead, if it works.


  3. I think that it was a problem before iI got to trying it as I am not able to get it at all….. Will watch the site and keep trying ….Envious of those who have been able to .. I am sure it will all work out eventually… Still having fun both with the site and the workouts..and the lovely ladies doing the classes as well.


    • Hi Kathlyn
      It is the site..
      Will not take such a big file..
      The email is also unhappy with such large files so I am going to divide it into three.
      Great you are enjoying it all…
      It is fun to have you 🙂


  4. It seems the files are very large thus I am having problems posting it or sending it…
    I am also being challenged and I love it too 🙂
    I will continue to pursue this till I solve it..
    Good on your for trying…
    Smiles to you!


  5. Hello Galy,
    I went to your blog, and have printed out the Young at Heart Challenge Week 1 (15 Pages) and I also printed out the Young at Heart Week 1 Summary (3 Pages). So for me all is fine, but the blog only seems now to be showing the Week 1 Summary, the 15 Page Week 1 Challenge doesn’t seem to be on the blog – could this be a problem for some of the other ladies.
    Not sure – as well as my body being challenged so are my computer skills.
    Loving it all though – body and mind!!


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