u. Gymstick – it is awesome!

Gymstick Fitness Concept

Gymstick has developed a year-around fitness concept around three main products, which offers fitness enthusiasts an easy and effective way to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. The Gymstick concept includes effective forms of exercising outdoors and indoors: Gymstick Original for indoors/outdoors, Gymstick Nordic Walking for outdoors and Gymstick Aqua for water. These safe and effective activities are one of the best forms of exercise anywhere and anytime! Gymstick exercise offers a very motivating way to improve your physical condition, to control weight and to take care of your personal well-being individually or with groups.


Health Facts:

The effects of Gymstick:


There are 640 skeletal muscles in the human body. The larger prime movers and most familiar groups are the Pects, Lats, Delts, Biceps, Triceps, Traps, Quads, Gluts, Hamstrings, Gastroc’s and a few more are the so called major muscles. There is also a lot of smaller muscles which are there for support and preparation for exquisite movement in the body. The ability to sequence motor activity requires a progression of muscular involvement from the very deepest muscles proximally to the surface and most distant muscles distally. The smaller stabilisers are “the King” in the human body. When they are working properly, the entire system will work well. If the smaller and more strategic muscles are slow to react, weak or communicating poorly, the process of degeneration, or sudden injury is imminent. With the help of Gymstick both the major and the minor muscles of the body will be trained and the improved muscular balance will lead to a better muscle control.

Muscular endurance and strength:

Developing strength is critical in the protection of the bones, ligaments, and the organs of the body. Strength is important to overcome the earth’s gravity so we can successfully move about. The body maintains a primary and secondary restraint system. The primary restraint system is the muscular system. It’s job is to protect the secondary restraint system which is the connective tissue or ligaments that provide stability to the bony system. Rehab training must strengthen and protect the primary system of muscles to avoid risking injury to the secondary system. Gymstick provides resistance training for both Type I and Type II fibres in the muscle, also known as slow twitch (Type I) and fast twitch (Type II).

Cardiovascular fitness endurance:

The ability for a muscle or group to perform accurately over a sustained period of time is critical. Fatigue means breakdown of communication, loss of control, poor response and poor stability. Gymstick works to enhance the muscles to perform more accurately over a longer period of time resulting in better posture and performance.

Balance & flexibility & coordination:

Balance is so important because it is the essence of good strength, endurance and power combined. When you have good balance or control of the body, you also have coordination of movement. The ability of a muscle or group to balance the shortening and lengthening contractions of the body with co-contraction of the joints at just the right time contributes to wellbeing and stability. An elderly person trying to raise him/herself from a chair is more likely to fall due to lack of balance and loss of coordinated movements than due to weakness. The more we can provide instability in training to expand the “inner zone of control”, the more we move the outer zone “loss of control” away from us. Gymstick challenges the body to make very rapid and accurate movements to improve the control and functionality of our body.


The training of the muscular system for strength alone is not sufficient. Strength should always be a part of rehabilitation but on its’ own it will fall short of the goal. Power is the measure of force and the distance of those forces over time. Speed is the key element when the subject of power is introduced. Gymstick trains the body to react rapidly to external stimuli and communicate accurately and quickly within the neuro-muscular system.

Anthrometry – Fat loss:

Fat loss is one of the most important issues for those who want to lose weight. Gymstick muscle training exercises are one of the most efficient ways to get rid of body fat. Working on the major muscle groups and effecting the total body fitness makes the fat loss evident during the exercises. The long lasting series of movements also contribute the fat loss. A loss of 700 calories has been measured after a one-hour Gymstick workout!

Scientific Research

Research 1

Research 1. The testing period was five weeks long and its objective was to study the effects of Gymstick exercise intervention. There were 15 subjects, from 22 to 29 years old, who did not exercise actively. They exercised with the Gymstick 3-4 times a week. Once a week they participated an exercise session led by an instructor. The remaining 2-3 times they trained independently.

  • As a result of the intervention, every subject’s endurance in doing sit-ups was improved. The average improvement was 72 per cent.
  • Most of the subjects showed significant improvement in body flexors’ strength. 12 out of 15 subjects improved their result. The average improvement was 19 per cent.
  • The isometric strength of the lower limb showed a statistically significant improvement as thirteen subjects improved their results with the average of 19 per cent.
  • The muscular imbalance showed improvement in terms of strength. The average improvement was 23 per cent.
  • The measurements taken after the exercise period show clear improvement in dynamic balance skills. The test measured distance and speed. The subjects had to complete a task on a balance platform.
  • As a result of exercising the distance was reduced by 10 per cent on the average.
  • As a result of exercising the time improved by about 21 per cent.

Gymstick training: effects to neuromuscular- and circulatory systems, 2004

The research was conducted by
Anu Rannikko, Hanna Salminen and Janne Avela (Ph.D., Research director)
Neuromuscular Research Center
Department of Biology of Physical Activity
The university of Jyväskylä

Research 2

The testing period was seven weeks long during which the effects of exercise intervention on muscular strength and balance were studied. The test group consisted of six persons, aged between 39 and 59.

The pre-tests and the post-tests included the dynamic parts of a test which measures the condition of the back; the test is developed by Orton. The ‘one-leg standing’ –test and a questionnaire before and after the test were also included in the pre-tests and post-tests.

The results show that exercising with Gymstick improves balance and performance of the muscles. The average results of the group showed improvement in all of the categories. The improvement figure is the average of the whole group; the result shows the improvement compared to the pre-test. The result of the ‘One-leg standing’ –test improved by 54 per cent for the right foot (eyes open) and for the left 129 per cent (eyes open). When the subjects did the test eyes closed, the balance improved with the average of 126 per cent for right foot and 147 per cent for left foot. The result of the abdominal test showed an average improvement of 272 per cent, the average improvement in the back muscle test was 37 per cent, the improvement of the upper limb test was 49 per cent for the right limb and 89 per cent for the left limb. The result of the squat test improved by 38 per cent. According to the questionnaires the subjects found that the Gymstick motivated them to exercise more actively. They also thought that it is a challenging form of group exercise.

Gymstick in Therapeutic exercise, 2004

The research was conducted by Kati Yliniemi and Saara Äijö
Faculty of Social and Health Services
Degree Programme in Physiotherapy
Lahti Polytechnic

Gymstick Indoor concept

Gymstick Original Indoor group training concept consists of five different workout programmes designed for fitness studios, rehablitation centres and general group training. The programmes are Gymstick Basic, Gymstick Circuit, Gymstick Cardio, Gymstick Muscle and Gymstick Pilates.

Gymstick Original

Gymstick Original

Gymstick Original is a fitness tool designed to simplify and effectively combine cardiovascular, muscular endurance and flexibility training. Gymstick Original is a innovative fitness tool that combines stick- and resistance band exercise into one effective workout. Gymstick Original is available in five different resistance levels, depending on Your fitness level. The resistance varies from 1–35 kilos according to the resistance level and whether you roll the bands around the stick or not.
Gymstick Original offers a range of personal fitness training programmes, post rehabilitation training and sports performance training. Today, more than ever, people are willing to train smartly taking into consideration the well-being, core stabilization, muscular endurance, strength, balance and coordination. It is not easy to find a fitness product that can fulfil so many diverse needs. Gymstick Original meets the exercise needs of everybody – from juniors to seniors, from rehab patients to world class athletes and all fitness enthusiasts from beginners to professional bodybuilders simply because it is so small, light, cost-effective, easy and safe to use and it really adapts to your fitness level and starts developing it immediately towards the goal you have set – perhaps with the help of your Doctor, Therapist or Trainer.
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