Resistance Tubing: The Answer to Weight Training Tools

Weight training has been the bane of the time and space deprived self conscious or people who do not wish to make expensive purchases such as gym memberships or high cost equipment. Whether you’re difficultly lies in the sheer size of the equipment through to the lack of time or money required to exercise within a gym setting, weight training may now be a real possibility for anyone who wishes to participate through resistance tubing.

Light weight, flexible and entirely portable, resistance tubing began as a solution to the needs of physical therapists and rehabilitation nurses who needed something which could assist their patients in increasing their muscle strength by applying progressive added resistance through load bearing activity without the heavy burden of traditional weights. Made from rubber, nylon and PVC, this incredibly light but strong piece of equipment gives a portable space saving solution to your at home weight training needs.

With resistance tubing you can take it anywhere you go. It can be used when you are at home, when you are on vacation, and when you travel for work. Now there is no reason why you can’t fulfill your goal of getting stronger and in better overall condition. What is even more remarkable is resistance tubing is more effective that various types of weight machines and pulleys.

How is that possible? Most weight training machines are designed to help you with specific target areas and work specific muscles in certain ways. While there is benefit to be gained from this approach, there is also a downside in the way the brain and body relate during weight training. Your brain will send signals telling the body to only do the minimum amount of effort required to complete a specific activity and through this message meant for efficiency, the potential to work a wider range of muscles is ignored. When you use resistance tubing, you pit your body’s own strength against itself, meaning multiple muscular and neurological places are simultaneously challenged. The body approaches this style of weight training in a well rounded manner, giving greater overall benefit when you exercise.

The very design of resistance tubing means you will be utilizing your entire body. You can work out the upper and lower body with resistance tubing and lift the equivalent of your own body weight. Resistance tubing also allows you to engage in a full range of motion and as a result, your muscles will become stronger, longer and better exercised.

There are various styles of resistance tubing which caters for all levels of fitness. Being so light weight, affordable and easily stored, you can have a range of resistance tubing products to suit your individual needs ready as your fitness level increases. In addition, there is a great choice of exercises you can try and do with the resistance tubing, so even the fussiest exerciser will find weight training activities to enjoy. Each of exercise is also carefully designed to maximize the full range of motion so your workout gives you the kind of results and benefits you are looking for.

Resistance tubing offers a great alternative for anyone looking to weight train without the headaches of storing bulky equipment, expensive gym memberships or for those who have busy calendars. Through its portability and lightweight nature, resistance tubing is the ideal companion for the busy jet-setting executive or the time deprived mum looking to sneak in ten minutes of training into their packed schedule. Easy to use, strong, effective and designed to suit a variety of budgets and lifestyles, resistance tubing provides choice and access to fantastic calorie burning exercises for people of all ages and fitness levels.

One thought on “Resistance Tubing: The Answer to Weight Training Tools

  1. Thanks, Galy, I really like the look of this. I actually got these sorts of handles to use with the various coloured bands from my physio during some body disaster and can highly recommend their use!! Britta


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