o. TRX – No it’s not a dinasour!


The theory behind suspension training and demonstrates some of the key moves in the exercise system you can take anywhere.


Do you want to gain some muscle tone, have a new challenge, get functionally fit for your sport and life and do it anywhere/anyplace?

The TRX Suspension training system is currently being used by top athletes, sports teams, the military and fitness professionals as well as the older population and those completely new to exercise.

What is Suspension Training?

Suspension training is not a new concept, think of a gymnast or an acrobat who use their bodyweight and gravity as resistance while suspended from ropes, rings and bars. Now think of their physiques and how aesthetically perfect their muscular development is and how it is matched by how functionally fit they are. As they hold and move their bodies in suspended positions their core is completely engaged, as are all postural, stabilizer and neutralizer muscles and of course their prime movers. The same premise applies for TRX suspension training.

Versatility and Portability

The TRX system has over 300 exercises and each one can be progressed so your fitness will keep improving. With the TRX the difficulty level can be adjusted by where you place your body because your body weight is your resistance. This ultra portable system weighs in at less than 1 kilo and packs down to about the size of a running shoe. It can be used indoors, outdoors, at the gym and when traveling. It has two attachments one for over a door for home or hotel use and the other for over a tree, post, goal post or virtually any sturdy support.

Total Muscle Recruitment

Everyone who goes to the gym wants to look fit and toned. In addition, everyone, especially weekend warriors and athletes want that time spent in the gym to carry over to sports performance and their everyday movements. This doesn’t always happen with traditional machine based training. Muscle movement can be restricted and controlled by the machine’s path. Thus, the core and stabilizers aren1t

needed so they aren1t recruited. We are learning more and more that muscles work best together in chains rather than in isolation. When the body is trained as a complete unit it has the best carry over for increased performance and reduced risk of injury. Suspension Training is believed to promote superior muscular balance, joint stability, mobility, and core strength, all of which prevent injuries, improve posture, and increase performance. It uses integrated multi-joint exercises that rely on the coordinated effort of many muscles to successfully complete the movement. This full body muscle activation burns calories and has an excellent crossover to sports. Suspension Training uses all three planes of motion (frontal, sagittal, transverse).

Traditional workout programs tend to overuse the body’s sagittal plane, which again doesn’t carry over for everyday life in which 3 planes of motion are used. By bringing the balance of all three planes of motion to your workout, it can help prevent overuse injuries, muscle imbalances, as well as joint and muscle tightness while gaining the highest level of performance and movement function. .

With suspension training the eccentric movements are worked fully unlike with free weights and your core muscles are always engaged to give you a total body workout not just a body part workout. Total body training doesn’t mean you can1t focus on a single muscle but with suspension training, as a bonus you get the extra core, joint and other assisting muscles. For example, compare a traditional isolated bicep curl on a machine that only works the bicep and nothing else to the TRX High bicep curl (shown). The bicep is fully worked concentrically and especially eccentrically, the core and postural stabilizers are engaged and shoulder joint stability is being challenged and energy expenditure is higher which means more calories are being burned.

The ultimate in core stability

In destabilized training situations (Swiss balls, wobble boards, suspension systems) the entire core is activated as a stabilizer in every exercise. The joint stabilizers are constantly engaged and propreoceptors are firing up in order to balance the body. The body learns to generate power and stabilize itself in these unbalanced positions resulting in fit, toned muscles.

Let your body be your machine

Free weights, cables and stability balls are all excellent tools to use, but the TRX challenges your muscles from a completely new “angle” and it is portable unlike the other equipment. Let your body be your machine. Get fit, never miss a workout, and have some challenging fun anywhere/anyplace.

4 thoughts on “o. TRX – No it’s not a dinasour!

    • Hi Bev
      Do you ever come to Young at Heart?
      We could do it after this with great pleasure
      or you are welcome to come to my place and i will run you through some exercises


  1. Thanks, Galy, for adding this to our galaxy of equipment. My friend Joy who uses the UTS gym has recently started using TRX and swears by it, adding that she’s no longer bored with classes! Will be interested to see the exercises you can suggest. Cheers, Britta


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