# Arthritis Pain – Can I ease it?








One of the things people ask me about most often is what they can do for their arthritis pain.
It seems like every second person at a certain age group has an arthritic knee, hip, foot, or shoulder that is limiting not only their exercise routine but also their overall quality of life.
I just recently purchased a very eye-opening book about relieving arthritis pain. It is very in tune to my beliefs in regard to nutrition, quality food and cellular nutrition.
The book revolves around the idea that the foods you eat every day can have a huge impact on your arthritis.
Some foods cause more joint inflammation and worsen arthritis pain, while some foods decrease inflammation and relieve pain.
The good foods aren’t rare herbs from India that you’ve never heard of, they’re everyday foods you can find at your grocery store, like pineapple, broccoli, and yogurt.
From my perspective as a fitness trainer, this information is incredibly important because the better your joints feel, the more activity (and exercise) you can do, which leads to a longer and more enjoyable life.

2 thoughts on “# Arthritis Pain – Can I ease it?

  1. I am doing a course of medical qigong, similar to tai chi. I’m finding this very helpful with arthritis problems, as it’s just a very gentle form of exercise and keeps all joints moving. Used in conjunction with the Young at Heart classes, I’m hoping my arthritis will be under control.


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