# Parsley may help fight cancer

New research from the US has shown that a compound found in parsley and other plant products may help the body to fight breast cancer by preventing some tumour cells from growing and multiplying.

Professor Salman Hyder from the University of Missouri exposed rats with a specific type of breast cancer to apigenin, a compound evident in parsley, celery, apples, oranges, nuts and other plants. The rats developed fewer tumours than control rats which weren’t exposed to the compound, and the tumours that did form did so much more gradually. However, the apigenin did not actually stop the formation of cancer cells.

Hyder said, ‘We don’t have specific dosage for humans yet. However, it appears that keeping a minimal level of apigenin in the bloodstream is important to delay the onset of breast cancer that progresses in response to progestins such as MPA (a chemical often used in hormone replacement therapy that also accelerates breast tumour development). It’s probably a good idea to eat a little parsley and some fruit every day to ensure the minimal amount. However, you can also find this compound in pill supplements’.

Source: Cancer Prevention Research

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