e) Assess Your Posture

 There are some simple ways you can assess your own posture to get an indication of any problem areas you may currently have.

And of course, your local professional can provide you with a professional postural assessment and recommend appropriate care for improving your posture.


Stand facing a full length mirror. Close your eyes, shake out your limbs and body, relax, and stand as you normally would. Ideally, have a friend or family member with you to help.

Then open your eyes. What do you see?


1. Head alignment

Check the positioning of your head – is it stacked directly over your body (as it should be) and that your chin is parallel to the floor? Are your cheekbones and collarbone in line?


2. Shoulders

Are your shoulders level as they should be (make sure one isn’t higher than the other)? Have a friend standing at your side to ensure that your shoulders are in line with your ears.


3. Elbows

Stand with your arms by your side – is there equal space between your elbow and waist on both sides of your body?


4. Hips

When you put your hands on your hips, are both hands positioned at the same height? Do both legs of your trousers finish at the same position at the ankle?


5. Knuckles

Your hands should be at your side in line with your hips so your knuckles are hidden. When standing naturally, are your knuckles hidden? Are they hidden equally on both hands?


6. Back

Your back shouldn’t be as straight and stiff as a board. In fact, your back has a natural S curve to it. Have a friend view you from the side – is your lower back curved forward just a little bit?


7.  Feet

Your toes should be marginally pointed outwards; they should not be turned in nor should they be turned out too far.  Is one foot turned more than the other?

Professional Assessment

If you answered “NO” to any of the questions above in the Self-Assessment, it’s important to have a professional assessment of your posture.

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