Water or Gatorade?

Every class I take, every session I give I am asked should I drink Gatorade or the like…

Should I drink water, what should I eat, before, after and sometimes even during training…(no no food during a short workout) wait till you run a marathon, or do a long cycle (Tour De France 🙂 till you have food whilst you are involved in an activity..

So Gatorade

1. Gatorade is intended to replace water and electrolytes in HARD training lasting OVER 1 HOUR, and/or in HIGH HEAT training lasting more than 30 minutes. It’s proven – Gatorade can help improve hydration and hence performance… UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!

2. Gatorade  made out of  water with, dextrose (a sugar), sucrose (what table sugar is )Sodium (salt), Potassium, and flavoring. Gatorade is mixed as a 6% carbohydrate solution (other like drinks might have different concentrations) to enhance quicker emptying from your stomach/gut to rehydrate you faster while providing fuel for working muscles. You could make your own similar drink with:

1 Liter of water

4 Tbsp. sugar (60 grams, equaling a 6% solution of carbohydrate)

1 teaspoon of table salt or 1 teaspoon of baking soda (Sodium)

1 teaspoon of “No Salt” (Potassium)

Sugar free flavouring (natural I hope) for taste.

3. You probably do not need the extra calories. Training drinks (Gatorade) and recovery drinks (carbs + protein) are useful if you are in hard training, but on off days or easy days are simply extra calories. You really should be drinking water, or water with a splash of lime or lemon, unless you are trying to gain weight and most of us aren’t. The extra calories that come from drinking Gatorade (or ANY calorie-containing drink) throughout the day may be adding to your waistline. Choose water or Green Tea much better for you and your waist line.

Drink water ! Easy, healthy and effective for your training needs and life in general.

If you are training very hard, make your own Gatorade type drink, recover well with a food made up of protein and carbohydrates, sleep well and do not forget to stretch!

5 thoughts on “Water or Gatorade?

  1. Thanks Galy for this information. While I do not work out hard enough to use these drinks my husband does. I will pass all this on to him.


  2. Thanks, Galy, for reinforcing what I’ve been saying forever, and yes, I too make my own drink if I think that bit extra is needed! I did find when doing hard swimming training, having a ‘sports’ drink prevented me from getting cramps … so good for something! Britta


    • Yes you are absolutely right…when doing training as you did it is essential to replenish during the sport and of course recovery food straight after…
      yes the minerals help prevent the cramps…


  3. Thanks Galy for the recipe and tips…i have found that drinking gatorade on hot days when playing golf for many hours prevents a headache.
    Much rather make my own recipe…first …many thanks.


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