Where is it hiding? – Where Eggs, Gluten, Dairy, Corn, Soy, Sugar & Peanuts Hide

Where Eggs, Gluten, Dairy, Corn, Soy, Sugar & Peanuts Hide



They obviously hide in omelets, and quiches, and other breakfast dishes; but remember

that eggs are ubiquitous in baked goods, pancakes, breads, and salads (like tuna and

potato). They are often hidden in meatloaves, crab cakes, soups (think egg drop and

matzo ball), crepes, zucchini fritters, stuffing, noodles, and meatballs. Avoid all these


Always read ingredient lists on food labels. You’d be surprised how many foods contain

egg. Be aware that most egg replacers do not equal the nutrient quality of real eggs.

They only replace the structural quality of eggs. There are other good quality protein

foods to choose from such as fish, chicken and grass fed beef.

Liquid egg replacers, such as “Egg Beaters,” are made of egg whites, and, therefore,

should not be used as alternatives to egg.

• Baked goods • Macaroons • Batter mixes

• Malted drinks • Bavarian cream • Marshmallows

• Boiled dressing • Mayonnaise • Bouillon

• Meat loaf • Breaded foods • Meringues

• Breads • Noodles • Cake flours

• Pancakes • Creamy fillings • Puddings

• Custards • Quiche • Egg drop soup

• Salad dressings • Flan • Sauces

• French toast • Sausages • Fritters

• Soufflé • Frosting • Tartar sauce

• Waffles • Ice cream

• Hollandaise sauce

Eggs may be listed on food labels as…

• Egg protein – Ovalbumin

• Egg white – Ovomucoid

• Egg yolk – Ovomucin

• Albumin – Vitellin

• Globulin – Ovovitellin

• Livetin – Powdered egg


Unknown Unknown-1

• Bread and bread rolls • Rye bread • Pumpernickel

• Yorkshire pudding • Pretzels • Cakes

• Stuffing • Muffins • Pastry or pie crust

• Pancakes • Waffles • Biscuits or cookies

• Crispbread • Bulgar wheat • Pasta – macaroni, spaghetti

• Durham • Crumble toppings • Couscous

• Pizza • Semolina • Scones

• Some breakfast cereals • All Bran • Anything in breadcrumbs

• Malted drinks • Muesli • Matzo flour/meal

• Sausages – often contain rusk (and the machines used to make them are often cleaned out with bread)

• Luncheon meat – may contain fillers • Malt vinegar

• Blue cheeses (may be made with bread) • Meat and fish pastes

• Gravy powders and stock cubes such as OXO cubes

• Shredded suet in packs (flour is normally used to keep the strands separate)

• Seitan (doesn’t contain gluten, it IS gluten!) • Farina

• Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP) • Pates

• Baked beans (there may be gluten in the tomato sauce)

• Imitation crab meat • Self-basting turkeys • Brown rice syrup

• Sauces – often thickened with flour • Cheap brands of chocolate

• Alcoholic drinks – such as beer, ale, lager • Soy sauce – only Tamari is OK

• Soups – may be roux based (made with flour) • Licorice

• Mustard – dry mustard powder contains gluten • Chutneys and pickles

• Instant coffee – may be bulked out with flour • Salad dressings

• Potato crisps/ chips – some are OK, read the ingredients!

• Curry powder and other spices (can be bulked out with flour)

• White pepper



• Soy sauce • Teriyaki sauce • Tofu

• Veggie burgers • Asian foods • Tempeh

• Miso • Soy protein powders • Energy bars and shakes

• Prepared foods



• Peanut butter • Cookies • Peanut oil

• Snacks • Candy • Food toppings



• Cow, goat and sheep milk yogurts and cheeses • Cottage cheese,

• Desserts • Ice cream • Creamy soups and sauces

• Whey protein powder • Chocolate (except some dark chocolate products)

• Anything that says milk proteins, solids, casein, or whey in it

• Butter and many margarines • Macaroni and cheese

• Shakes and hot chocolate mixes and drinks • Many baking mixes (pancake mix)

• Many baked goods (bread, crackers, desserts) • Cream soups and chowders

• Many “non-dairy” products (coffee creamer, whipped topping)

• Canned foods (soups, spaghetti, ravioli)

• Mashed potatoes (often prepared with butter and/or milk)

• Many salad dressings (ranch, blue cheese, creamy, Caesar)

• Creamy, cheese, or butter sauces (often on vegetables or meats)

Dairy may be listed on labels as…

• Milk, milk solids, non-fat milk solids

• Yogurt, kefir

• Whey

• Cream, sour cream, half & half, whipped


• Lactose, lactalbumin

• Cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese

• Butter or artificial butter flavor

• Buttermilk or buttermilk solids

• Casein, caseinate, sodium caseinate (check lab results for + casein)


We love cool processed whey, BUT it can be potentially allergenic and contribute to a

toxic effect in the body. Since we aren’t testing for food sensitivities, we remove it from

our detox program as we have found that a good percentage of our clients do not

tolerate the casein fraction – nor potentially the whey – in dairy products.


As you are eliminating sugar, you need to know all of the different ways it can be hidden

in products.

• Barley Malt

• Beet sugar

• Blackstrap molasses

• Brown sugar

• Cane sugar

• Cane juice crystals

• Caramel

• Carob syrup

• Castor sugar

• Corn sweeteners

• Corn Syrup

• Confectioner’s sugar

• Date sugar

• Demerara sugar

• Dextrin

• Dextrose

• Diastatic malt

• Diatase

• D-mannose

• Evaporated cane juice

• Fructose

• Fruit juice concentrate

• Galactose

• Glucose

• High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)

• Honey

• Invert sugar

• Lactose

• Malt syrup

• Maltodextrin

• Maltose

• Maple syrup

• Molasses

• Raw sugar

• Rice syrup

• Sucrose

• Syrup

• Table sugar

• Treacle

• Turbinado sugar

Synonyms for Food Ingredients

Casein, caseinate Milk

Cereal binder Usually wheat

Cereal filler Usually wheat

Cereal protein Usually wheat

Cereal starch Usually wheat or corn

Edible starch Usually wheat or corn

Flour Usually wheat flour

Hydrolysed protein Usually yeast

Hydrolysed vegetable protein Usually yeast

Lactalbumin Milk

Lactose Milk sugar

Leavening Yeast

Lecithin Usually egg or soya

Modified starch Usually wheat or corn

Ovalbumin Egg

Starch Usually wheat or corn

Vegetable protein Usually soya

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