M. Exciting and Interesting things our members do!




Sue Williamson (the lady in the middle), one of our Y@H members is off to East Timor to volunteer at HIAM Health in Dili this months. You will all recognise Susan by her wide smile and constant bubbly happiness.

She writes below:

Anne Scollon RN RM IBCLC and I (Sue Williamson) have been lactation consultants in private practise in the Northern Sydney area for many years and are planning  to be volunteers at HIAM Health in Dili in September.

We will be teaching the health workers about breastfeeding and nutrition. They have very limited medical knowledge and little English.

HIAM Health is an Educational Centre meaning ” Together We Help Each Other” and focuses on teaching preventative strategies to combat malnutrition.
They provide a place for mothers and babies to come for a week after being in Dili Hospital, to learn about health and nutrition.

In Timor Leste the Population is 1 Million.
The Infant mortality rate is as high as 111per 1000 births in some districts.
Over 50% of children under 5 years are malnourished and hungry  ( MoH 2008)

For more information see www.hiamhealth.org

When you look at the web site you will see that the problems are immense with lactating women and babies, The myths surrounding pregnancy and breastfeeding are deeply engrained in their culture, causing numerous problems. I don’t know how much of a difference we can make in a month, it seems just a small drop in the bucket, but we will give it our best shot.

I hope eventually other IBCLC’s will follow us, for it is only when we pull together that we can make  a  difference in peoples lives and hopefully make small but important changes in the existing culture.

Sue is a Breastfeeding Consultant, Mothercraft nurse and Nurse Midwife.
She provides professional and personalised service in the mothers home, She Empowers the new mother to enjoy her Breastfeeding experience and increase her confidence in parenting skills, so the early months are enjoyable.
Service Offered for Mothers and Babies.
Current Breastfeeding Information and concerns, attachment positioning,
unsettled baby,Mastitis blocked ducts, Feeding multiples, Breast Refusal and weaning.


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