2. Dorothy Ridley and Kerry Isabel Downes– Your Story Your Memoirs


The below was kindly written by Kerry Isabel Downes and Dorothy Ridley

Meeting Galy

When Kerry and Dorothy signed up for Virgin Active at Frenchs Forest, they didn’t realize it would be so life changing. Not only is their physical and mental stamina improving but it’s here they met Galy O’Connor, an amazing woman with a big heart.

“We struck up a conversation with Galy in the change rooms…as you do.”

Kerry had previously attended Galy’s Young At Heart class and loved it. Galy then invited Kerry and Dorothy to write about their business on the Young At Heart blog, so here they are.

Your Story Your Memoirs

Kerry and Dorothy are co-founders and owners of Your Story Your Memoirs, a company specializing in writing and publishing short life stories, memoirs, celebration of life books and family business stories.


About Kerry and Dorothy

Passionate and skilful writers, Dorothy and Kerry have written a number of commissioned memoirs. Their clients’ stories have spanned many countries, including the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, France, New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia.

Dorothy holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Writing and will have completed her Masters in Writing by August 2012. Her Postgraduate studies include journalism, biography writing, narrative, research to publication, family history, online writing and more.

Her outstanding academic achievements resulted in an invitation to join the Golden Key International Society. Membership is extended only to the top 15 per cent of university students worldwide. Dorothy was approaching her sixtieth birthday at the time, proving that age is no barrier to doing what you love.

Kerry has always loved writing and has had many articles published in the field of education. She is also the Artistic Director of Your Story Your Memoirs. A talented landscape artist and photographer, Kerry creates beautiful backgrounds for their books.

Kerry’s deep passion for helping others on their life’s journey is the driving force behind all her endeavours. For over 40 years, Kerry has brought her compassionate nature and humanitarian values to her careers as a teacher and a counselor as well as in volunteer work in many community organisations.

Recent projects

Recent projects include World War 2 survival stories, the story of a boy with a challenging illness, a young man navigating the highs and lows of life in Melbourne in the 60’s, a carer’s story and more.

Best Moments

Kerry and Dorothy’s best moments are seeing the look of surprise when family and friends read their loved ones’ stories. They always say, “Wow, we didn’t know that about mum (or dad, or Maria, or Tony…..).”

Each story highlights life’s challenges, roller coasters, triumphs and celebrations.

Every so-called ‘ordinary’ person is extraordinary in his or her own special way.

Our mission

Our mission at Your Story Your Memoirs is to find the shining pearl in everyone’s unique story.

If you are interested in finding out about our short memoir writing services,

check out our website at http://www.yourstoryyourmemoirs.com or email us at info@yourstoryyourmemoirs.com or phone us on 02 9905 1945

or Dorothy 0432 743 444 or Kerry 0408 680 643

2 thoughts on “2. Dorothy Ridley and Kerry Isabel Downes– Your Story Your Memoirs

  1. Wow! What an amazing job. Such a great idea and so true we all have a story to tell. We might think that it is boring or others would not be interested but you would be surprised! We are all unique and all have a different story which is always worth telling and folk love to hear about what has made you who you are today!!


    • Hi Julia

      Thanks. Yes, we love what we do.You are spot on when you say that people who think their life is boring or that others would not be interested. As an example, a carer’s story of looking after a loved one turned out to be just as thought-provoking as our world war II pilot who leapt out of a burning plane on a moonless night.

      And as for your story, Julia. Surviving cancer can not have been easy. There must have been so many twists and turns yet you made it and are now able to do something positive to help others. Raising $7,000 was awesome. We couldn’t be there to support your big shave but we bought raffle tickets. I just realised that I emailed Galy saying how amazing that was and how brave you are but didn’t write that on the blog for you to see. I will do that today.

      Nice to meet you on Galy’s blog and hope to meet you at the gym sometime.



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