The Bread in stage 2

4 thoughts on “8. OUR BODY ECOLOGY EVENT – Feb 2012

  1. i wish i could attend this glorious morning you organized galy-
    i hope you can organize such a body ecology morning here,
    when you come to visit us SOON.
    i am so proud to have an incredible” galy sister” who loves giving
    and teaching anyone who loves him/herself enough to do the best
    for him\herself.
    lots of love and regards to all


  2. Thank you Galy for an enjoyable and informative morning and delicious food. Appreciate all the trouble you went to to make it an interesting morning. Karen


  3. Thanks Galy for inviting me, it was a lovely morning and i am so glad i decided to come.
    picked up some great advice and tips from you ,
    it was lovely to catch up with you and friends, i appreciate the trouble that you went through to help us ladies,
    The Photos are awsome, we all look like we are having a great time, thanks to you,
    darling girl.
    hope to be back at the young at heart classes real soon,
    Hugs Tessa.


  4. Thanks Galy for a great morning. ….so much to learn.
    All your instruction will make it much easier…can’t wait to start creating :-).

    Thanks so much for all your hard work in organising and preparing for another successful Y @ H event :-).


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