Our few classes are dedicated to learning how to use the swiss ball correctly, safely, with good technique and posture and how to utilise the core to it’s full advantage.

Fun, music and sense of humour is always necessary.

To see the full work out follow the below links

Look under your exercise program and you are set to go.

You can download the visual program and see it on video to see proper technique

Go to URL:

http://galyoconnor.ptenhance.com with the following information:
Username: swissball@gmail.com
Password: swissball
Click on the “Your Training Program”
A drop menu comes up, click on View you Training Program
You know see all the exercises we did.
When you click on one of the exercise written instructions pops up with a video.
You can print the program (a summary and the whole program)
Good luck and if you have any questions let me know

2 thoughts on “a. SWISS BALL CLASS 3

  1. Great work Galy, so good to be able to see the correct posture and have the instructions to follow. Don’t panic I am being good and not doing them till I get the all clear, just dreaming of when I can return to training! 🙂


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