* Pregnant Passion Pasta Dish by Kate Fletcher


Ingredients, organic where possible:

*Your favourite kind of pasta (spaghetti works well)
*English spinach (broccolini is wonderful if you prefer) torn/broken up somewhat, as much as you want
*Goats milk feta (my favourite, but choose the one you like)
*Really nice anchovies in olive oil (my favourites come in in chilli infused olive oil – Always Fresh brand fine tho)
*Pine nuts
*Lemon zest


1. Boil the water (if you use salt, make it rock/sea/himalayan – much better for you) and add pasta
2. While pasta is cooking, cube Feta, add drained anchovies, zest lemon add gently toss
3. Toast pinenuts (generous amount) in dry fry pan – watch carefully as they burn easily and only preheat pan , if at all
4. Add spinach/broccolini when you are about 1-2 mins out from removing pasta from heat – you want it wilted but very bright green – stir in then drain and into serving bowl
5. Toss with fetta/anchovy mixture – the anchovies dissolve leaving a wonderful saltiness, and the feta goes a bit creamy – then finish with lovely crunchy pine nuts.
YUMMY – perfect night in with DVD (and a glass of savignon blanc?) fare

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