* Zereshk Polo (dried barberries with rice)

  • one cup of cleaned ,washed and dried Zereshk
  • one half teaspoon of saffron  dissolved in 3 table spoon of hot water
  • 3 table spoon of butter
  • 2-3 spoon of sugar
  • one cup of slivered almonds  and one cup of slivered of pistach
  • place the butter in a non stick  frying pan over low heat , add Zereshk ,toss and sugar and saffran water to the pot and mix well ,cook for a one or two  minutes till sugar melts and
  • coats Zereshk and  there  is little water left in the pot add slivered almonds and pistachio
  • mix and turn out the heat.
  • Place half of your ready rice on a nice platter,spread half of the Zereshk mixture over it ,
  • layer it with the rest of the rice and finish it off by spreading  the remaining   Zereshk  mixture on top of the rice .
  • Arrange  your chicken pieces around platter and serve .
Noosh e jaan    enjoy    ,  Bon appetit

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